Barrymore Wines Debuts with Pinot Grigio

Barrymore Wines Debuts with Pinot Grigio

As if Drew Barrymore doesn’t have enough on her plate, she can now add one more venture on her resume.  Recently her Barrymore Wines line became available, offering up a full-bodied Pinot Grigio as the first vino on the market.  This wine runs approximately $20 a bottle and incorporates notes of apricot and citrus for gorgeous flavor.

The desire to start her own line of wines came from her love of winemaking and the joy that a bottle of wine can bring to family and friends.  Wine can be used for a casual evening together or a memorable event, and always brings everyone to the table for laughs and wonderful conversation.  This inspired her to launch her own line of wines to make her dream a reality.

She started by traveling to Italy and touring the Triveneto area.  She tasted several Pinot Grigios, which she was intent on having as her first wine offering for Barrymore Wines.  She loved that Pinot Grigio had such amazing qualities and characteristics, being a refreshing and somewhat complex wine with wonderful aromas and flavors.  Once she chose her wine, she went on to work with artist Shepard Fairey to create a simplistic yet traditional wine label featuring her grandfather’s crest.  She is also using her line of Barrymore Wines to benefit charities such as the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Project Angel Food, and the ASPCA.

Barrymore Pinot Grigio pairs well with various foods, and Drew Barrymore herself enjoys a glass with seafood dishes and lighter pastas.  Her wine has already won an award at the Sunset International Wine Competition, and is available at many local markets.  You can learn more about Barrymore Wines at




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