Blind Tastings: A Twist on Traditional Wine Tastings

Blind Tastings: A Twist on Traditional Wine Tastings

It’s always fun to get together with friends and host a wine tasting party.  However, have you ever considered a blind tasting?

Blind wine tastings are a fun twist on the traditional wine tasting gathering.  Instead of having a variety of wines to taste and enjoy, different price points and regions of a specific wine are disguised and shared to allow guests to pick their favorite.  The results can be interesting, if not fascinating, when the wines are revealed!

In order to have a successful blind tasting, there are a few key techniques that should be employed beforehand.

First, as the host of the party, you should hone in on one particular type of wine.  It is suggested to try a wine variety that is widely produced and varies in price points and quality.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Pinor Noir may be some great wines to test.  Anywhere around five different varieties will be a great starting point—enough for variety but not too many for guests to confuse and find it difficult to determine their favorites.

Second, disguise the bottle.  You can either wrap the bottle with a paper bag, or you could even decant the wine and number each decanter accordingly.  This brings in the element of surprise.  Each wine will look the same, but will be distinguished only by a different number.  Make sure that the wines are being served at the proper temperature for the best taste and aroma.

Third, give your quests notepads to mark down their thoughts, initial reactions, and comments regarding each particular wine.  Have each guest rate the wines from their favorite to least favorite, or what they believe is the most expensive and least expensive.

After everyone has tasted the wines and made their selections, it’s time for the reveal!  Go through each bottle of wine and remove the covering.  Discuss the wine, region, vineyard, year, and cost, and see how your guests react.  Did they pick the most expensive wine?  Were the flavors and aromas of the wine consistent with the price points?  Spend some time after the reveal talking with the guests about their thoughts and comments on each wine, and decide on the party favorite!

If you’re ready to try a different wine tasting, you may be ready to enjoy the fun and intrigue of a blind wine tasting party!  Pick a wine, head to the store, and select several wines to taste with friends and find out whether the more expensive wines truly stand out in a crowd!









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