Buying a Wine Refrigerator

Buying a Wine Refrigerator

Storing wine is more complicated than just setting a few bottles in your cabinet. If you want to have ready-to-drink wine available at just the right temperature, and want to ensure that you are storing them properly for the long-term, wine refrigerators are the best way to do so. Wine refrigerators come in a wide range of prices, including simple and more elaborate units. There are many things to take into consideration when shopping for a wine fridge.


This is often the first thing consumers think about when figuring out which wine refrigerator to consider. Many shoppers have a specific place in mind for their fridge, and need to ensure that it will fit in that space. Others may want to store just a few bottles and will be considering something smaller to better suit their needs. The size of the unit–as well as how many bottles it can store and cool at once–is often at the top of the list of characteristics to consider in a new wine refrigerator.


You may not actually consider the importance of shelves until you start realizing the various types available in wine fridges. Many of the shelves in a typical fridge unit will be made of chrome wire, while others that are more high-quality will utilize wood. Shelves are sometimes even made to roll out for easy reading of the labels and access to the wine. Test out the gliding shelf to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t stick.


A well insulated wine fridge will help maintain the proper temperatures for your wine with less energy costs. The best interior materials will use aluminum and a textured lining, which helps to maintain the cool air and humidity. Glass doors may look nice, but they can also let out precious cool air and increase energy costs. Consider one with a solid door, as this can also protect the bottles from sun exposure.

There are many other features that can be found on wine fridges, including locks and alarms to keep little hands (or teenagers!) from accessing the wine collection. By thoroughly examining a wine fridge before purchasing, you can increase your likelihood of choosing one that functions at its best and provides you with the proper temperature and humidity to protect your wine investments.

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