Can I Have Wine While I’m Pregnant?

Can I Have Wine While I’m Pregnant?

Being pregnant is a wonderful time in many women’s lives. However, for those who enjoy the occasional wine with dinner, the reservation of avoiding wine for nine months can be disconcerting. Many pregnant women will ask their doctors and physicians if the occasional glass will actually harm their baby.

The problem is that there are so many different issues that can affect the growth and development of your baby, and the results of alcohol consumption during pregnancy have never resulted in positive changes. There is also a fear of fetal alcohol syndrome, or FAS, which can result in lifelong harm to the child. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders can result in FAS and be the primary cause for a number of defects and developmental issues, both emotionally and physically.

Many women are unaware that their baby cannot break down alcohol as fast as an adult, and a simple glass of wine can result in an extremely high blood alcohol level than an adult. There is an increased risk for miscarriages and stillborn babies from mothers who drink during their pregnancy, and it can greatly effect all areas of the baby’s life after birth. Hyperactivity, speech problems, and development are just a few of the problems associated with drinking during pregnancy.

An interesting note to consider is that in France, drinking wine during pregnancy is considered perfectly acceptable. Though this counteracts many of the studies that have been done in the United States, it is often not considered something we do here. Many women want to lead healthy lifestyles while they are pregnant to avoid any complications or possible risks or harm to their babies, so even though the French believe there is no link to moderate wine consumption and birth defects, it may not be a bad idea to abstain from drinking wine–just to be safe!

Of course, this is always something you can talk to your doctor about. If you are already at a high risk for birth defects due to genetics or previous births, it may not be a bad idea to take caution and avoid alcohol for the nine months you’re carrying your baby. Talk to your doctor to determine the safety of incorporating wine during your pregnancy.

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