Can Women Actually Lose Weight by Drinking Wine?

Can Women Actually Lose Weight by Drinking Wine?

While many dieters ban any sort of alcoholic beverage from their diet and start chugging down the cleansing juices, they may be missing out on the benefits that a glass of wine can actually provide when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.  Research shows that women can actually enjoy a glass of wine a day and be healthier and weigh less overall than their non-drinking counterparts.

Why is this?  There are several reasons why wine can benefit those who are watching their weight.

Your body burns off calories faster

The enzymes that are used to metabolize alcohol are considerably less in women than in men.  Because of this, women who drink alcohol need to produce this calorie-torching enzyme continually to digest the wine.  The body will then burn energy, AKA calories.  Men do not get to enjoy this benefit of downing a glass of vino, but women’s bodies are better inept at burning calories with wine.

Thermogenesis also burns calories

A process that is called thermogenesis occurs when one drinks alcohol.  This is when the alcohol raises your body temperature, which can then cause an increase in calorie burn.  Thermogenesis is also part of the reason why some men and women have red cheeks when they drink—it is the increase in body temperature that can cause this reaction.

Drinking wine can result in eating less

Studies have also shown that women who enjoy a glass of wine with their meal may also eat less in one sitting.  While there is no real reason as to why this happens, it is speculated that it has something to do with the fact that those who enjoy wine will generally eat slower and savor their food more than those who are focused on cleaning their plate at the dinner table.


Drinking wine in moderation (which refers to a glass of wine a day and no more!) can have the benefit of allowing women to maintain and watch their weight, but also comes with the added benefit of antioxidants, which can help with reducing cholesterol and nasty blood pressure.  This is also a reason why red wines are considered “heart healthy” when enjoyed in moderation.

Before you go ditching the wine glass and trying to drink vegan smoothies and cleansing products, give it a second thought.  If you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, know that it won’t do you much harm and can actually give you a number of great benefits overall, whether it be maintaining a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle or keeping a close eye on your weight.

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