Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club

With the tagline, “from the vineyard to your door,” Cellars has been providing its members with choice vino since 1999. Its specialty is wines that it dubs difficult to find at most stores. With a total of 12 different clubs, it’s almost impossible for there to not be one that suits your tastes. Membership includes a monthly newsletter and a discount on reorders of wines you like.

Single Bottle Club

Like the name states, this club is for people who want just one bottle of wine in each shipment. You will receive a bottle per shipment until you cancel. It could be a red or a white from anywhere in the world. The price is $19.95 per month, with multi-month discounts available.

High-End Single Bottle

If you’d like one bottle at a time, but you want that bottle to be of the utmost quality – including limited editions and lesser known varietals – you may choose this premium version of the Single Bottle Club instead. Your wines will be along the lines of a 1999 Nobile di Montepulciano or a 2002 Marlborough Pinot Noir. The cost is $34.95 per month or less for a multi-month package.

Premium Wine Club

For wine novices, or those who want to enjoy two bottles per month on a budget, you can get two reds – or a white and a red – in each shipment. You can expect to receive both tried and true wines, like merlots and cabernets, and lesser known varietals, such as carmenere and torrontes. Prices start at $29.95.

Red Trio Club

Love red wine? Don’t waste your time with white. Just sign up for this club and get three different red wines each shipment. You won’t see any roses or whites, and you’ll enjoy such varietals as rosso toscano, sangiovese and pinot noir. Prices start at $49.95.

Sweet Wine Club

Think all sweet wines are alike? You won’t after experiencing a few months of this club’s offerings. You’ll get two wines per shipment, which could be whites, blushes, or even of a sparkling variety. The club is designed to highlight all the different types of sweet wine, so it is unlikely you’ll be bored with your selection. Prices start at $39.95.

Champagne Club

While it’s called the champagne club, members will get to enjoy not only bubbly from the Champagne region of France but also sparkling wines from other parts of the world. You’ll get two different bottles in each shipment, from as near as California or as far away as Australia. Prices start at $49.95.

International Wine Club

Travel the world from the comfort of your dining room, with this globe-trotting only club. Experts choose the perfect two wines for you from foreign countries across the world. You’ll get two reds or one white and one red per shipment. Prices start at $39.95.

West Coast Wine Club

Love California wines but don’t get to do much traveling in the Golden State? Now you don’t have to. You’ll get wines from regions like Napa and Sonoma, as well as shipments from the Willamette Valley and other areas of Washington and Oregon. Receive two reds or a red and a white. Prices start at $39.95.

Platinum Wine Club

Want something a little more high end? Enjoy boutique and premium wines that are a mixture of the favorites you’ve come to love and new varietals that may be your favorites of tomorrow. Choose a red and a white or two bottles of red each shipment. Prices start at $59.95.

90+ Point Wine Club

If you really know and appreciate wine, you may want to splurge for this club. It’s designed to suit even the most discerning of palates. You can enjoy you wines – two reds or one red and one white – when you receive them or cellar them to preserve them for an extra special occasion. This club features some wines with very limited availability, so membership is limited to 200. Don’t miss out. Prices start at $79.95.

Cellars High End Club

Stock the cellar with only the best by becoming a member of this club. You’ll get a selection of reds that are chosen not only for their current quality, but also for their aging potential. You can also choose to receive a white in your shipment if you like. This membership makes a wonderful gift for business associates. Prices start at $149.95.

Quarterly Case Club

Daily wine drinkers and those who want to give bottles as gifts can save a bundle by ordering by the case. You’ll get 12 standard bottles in each shipment – and save at least $100 off what you would pay to purchase the wines retail. You can select all reds or a mixed case of reds and whites. Prices start at $129.95.

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