Do Grapes and Grape Juice Have the Same Benefits as Wine for Heart Health?

Do Grapes and Grape Juice Have the Same Benefits as Wine for Heart Health?

We have all heard that red wine can be beneficial to our health and well-being. This is due to the fact that wines have a number of antioxidants in them. Two commonly found antioxidants in wine are resveratrol and flavonoids. But if wine is made from grapes, then shouldn’t grapes and grape juice be just as beneficial?

The answer is yes! Grapes have antioxidants in them. These antioxidants are higher in certain parts of the grapes. For example, more antioxidants are found in the skin of the grape instead of the inner pulp. The amount of antioxidants found in grapes vary depending on the type of grape. However, it is known that darker grapes, such as red and purple grapes, are often higher in antioxidants than white and green grapes. This validates that red wine is more heart-healthy than white wines.

These same antioxidants may be found in grape juices, but when shopping for grape juice, you will want to be sure that you purchase 100% grape juice. Many juices have added sugars to them and are not pure grape juice, so make sure that when you’re in the grocery store, you’re getting the proper kinds of juices for the best benefits to your body.

The antioxidants found in grapes can assist in many medical conditions. It can help individuals maintain healthy blood pressure levels, prevent damage to the heart’s blood vessels, and can reduce risks of blood clots. It can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

If you’re not big into drinking red wines, you can still get the same benefits by eating grapes or drinking 100% pure grape juice. Now there’s some food for thought!

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