Four Seasons Wine Club

Four Seasons Wine Club

Tony Laithwaite, the founder of Laithwaites Wine, began sending shipments of wine direct from the producers way back in 1969. His focus is on quality wines with affordable prices, from countries ranging from Chile to Australia. Laithwaites guarantees its wines for quality and has a team of experts that tastes tens of thousands of wines per year to determine which are the very best.

Four Seasons Wine Club

With this wine club, you can get a shipment of the best wines Laithwaites distributes every quarter. This special service gives you access to a regular supply of really exciting wines — from top estates in the US and around the world — with no effort required.

Tasting Notes, Serving Advice

Every bottle of wine comes with tasting notes and serving advice. Due to the quarterly schedule, it’s easy to cancel your shipment or make changes to the wines you receive ahead of time. To start off your membership, you can purchase a 12-bottle case of all reds, all whites or a mixture of both for only $69.99. This is an extremely good deal as each bottle costs over $14. You’ll also get a free corkscrew set and a binder full of tasting notes, with room for you to add more.

If you drink a bottle of wine a week and are looking not only for value in a wine club but also an incredible experience tasting highly appointed wines from around the world then Four Seasons Wine Club is the obvious choice.

The beautiful thing about trying these exciting wines is that when you find one you absolutely adore you can always order a bottle or case of your new favorite from Laithwaites Wine.

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