French President Auctioning Approximately 1,200 Bottles of Wine

French President Auctioning Approximately 1,200 Bottles of Wine

Ready and willing to bid on a variety of Burgundy and Bordeaux wines in France? If so, today is the day!  Today and tomorrow, the Elysee Palace in Paris is auctioning approximately 1,200 bottles of rare and vintage wines personally chosen by the palace’s head sommelier, Virginie Routis.

The wines auctioned are expected to sell for between $19 to $2,800, depending on the vintage. The profits from the sale of ten percent of the wine cellar’s stock is expected to go towards the purchase of younger, more “modest” wines to be stored and served to ambassadors and dignitaries during dinners with the president.

Many of the wines have been stored in the cellar for decades. The cellar was designed in 1947 and remodeled in 1995 to improve storage conditions. A wide variety of wines are stored which represent the various wine-producing regions throughout France.

Each bottle of wine sold during the auction will be stamped with the sale date and confirming its origin from the Elysee Palace. Though most bottles should sell for around 100 Euros, they have amazing collector value with their history which can increase the final sale price. However, many are aged to perfection and ready to enjoy immediately after sale.

For more information, visit this CNN article highlighting the presidential wine sale:


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