Fun, Quirky Gifts for Wine Lovers

Fun, Quirky Gifts for Wine Lovers

Gift-giving for that wine lover in your life can be difficult.  They likely already have a nice collection of wine, beautiful wine glasses, and all the accessories needed.  Sometimes, in order to find the perfect gift, one needs to think outside the box.  If you’re in the market for a quirky, fun gift for the wino in your life, here are just a few funky products that might make the cut, and would be perfect for the wine-lover that has “everything!”

Musical Wine Glasses

Whether your wine lover has a musical side or just likes to be the life of a party, these musical wine glasses are a fun way to strike up the band–even at home!  Marked with various music scales, wine can be served to a specific note to allow musical tone perfection!  Sold as a set of two, this can be a great way to spruce up an otherwise quiet night in!

Wine Handbags

Boxed wine just got more awesome!  With the Wine Handbag, women can be discreet about carrying wine to their next get-together.  These wine boxes are styled to look like a couture purse, yet offers a spout on the side for easy serving.  While a little on the goofy side, you must admit this is an ingenious idea!  They come in three different colors, depending on the type of wine inside: cabernet, sparkling rose, and chardonnay.

KISS Zin Fire Wine

Rock out with a bottle of Kiss Zin Fire wine!  Designed for the band Kiss, this California Zinfandel is bottled with the band’s label and logo.  Great for a hard rock fan or someone who enjoys a quirky, “different” bottle of wine for their collection!

Where we….Wine and Champagne

For your loved one, these customizable wine bottles are a wonderful way to celebrate most any moment in your lives.  Whether you commemorate where you first met or first kissed, these wine bottles are the perfect gift for an anniversary or special occasion.  Designed with the date, a map, and “Where we…” title, this is a custom product that is sure to be treasured!  Available in several wines, including cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, prosecco, and champagne.


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