How to Keep a Wine Journal

How to Keep a Wine Journal

Whether you are a tried-and-true wine enthusiast or just a beginner wanting to learn more about the world of great vino, you can benefit from keeping an effective wine journal.  Wine journals are great if you enjoy trying new wines and want to keep in mind ones that you particularly enjoyed.  You may remember trying a wine with friends, but forgot the name.  With a wine journal, all of these tastings are documented to ensure that you never forget a wonderful bottle of wine again!

While many individuals enjoy purchasing ready-made wine journals from a bookstore which have space for various descriptions of the wine one is enjoying, others like to make their own.  It is relatively easy to make your own wine journal, and it also allows you to be more creative and set it up the way you prefer instead of having a company tell you what you should be documenting about your wines.  A wine journal should be a ringed notebook that lies flat for easy writing while enjoying your glass of vino, and should have enough space for you to write about each and every wine you have.  Many wine tasters like to use larger notebooks so that they can even remove the label from their wine and adhere it into their notebook.  This makes it easier for them to find and spot the wine when shopping by being able to match up the appearance of the wine labels.

Record as much information as you can in your wine journal for the ultimate documentation.  First, write the description of the wine, including the vineyard, the year, and the type of grape.

Second, write down the environment in which you enjoyed the wine.  Record the date, location, and any friends or family you were with at the time.  This can be a great way to recall wines that you may have enjoyed with someone in particular to celebrate a special event or occasion.  It is also important to write down anything that you ate with the wine, as this can greatly affect the way the wine tastes and how it mingles with your meal.

Third, record what you liked about the wine.  Some like to use their wine journal to discover the different flavors and aroma of a wine, while others like to just write about their first instinct on the wine and what they liked most about the taste itself.  Since it’s your wine journal, you can document whatever you want!

Be sure to bring your wine journal with you when you are headed to a wine tasting or out to dinner.  These are the perfect opportunities to try new wines and document your thoughts and experiences, making it easy to find and discover wines that you particularly enjoyed in the past.

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