How to Make a Wine Gift Basket

Surprising someone with a wine gift basket is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, or even just to tell someone “thank you.” Though wine gift baskets can be extremely expensive in teh stores, you can make your own at a fraction of the cost, and even enjoy the ability to make your own selective choices in wine, treats, and accessories. Here are some simple instructions to help you create your own special wine gift basket for friends, families, or even coworkers.

First, keep an eye out for a beautiful basket that will be the right size to hold some wine, food, and accessories. You will also want to purchase something as a filling, such as a picnic cloth, tissue paper, or any other basket filler. Make sure it coordinates nicely with the look and feel that you want to convey.

Don’t forget to pick up the star of the show! Whether you want to offer one wine or two, pick up some wines that you know the receiver will enjoy. If you’re on a budget, it’s okay to pack the basket with only one wine selection, whether it be red wine or white wine.

Next, consider some food items to add to the basket. Crackers, spreads, and shelf-stable cheeses are great to throw in with coordinating wines. Some chocolates may also pair well with your wine selections, so don’t be afraid to consider some more dessert-like items.

If you want to add a little more, you can always throw in a pair of nice wine glasses, some accessories such as corkscrews, wine stoppers, or wine glass charms. This makes it a wonderful, all-around perfect gift, even for those who are new to enjoying fine wines and cheeses!

When packing the items into the basket, consider the weight of the items. Since the wine will likely be the star of the show, place that near the back, in the middle of the basket to help evenly distribute the weight. Place other items around the wine accordingly, keeping smaller,lighter items near the front.

Once everything has been placed beautifully into the wine basket, you will want to cover the basket with special gift basket plastic. This can be found in most stores, and is large enough to wrap around medium to large sized baskets. The plastic can then be tied at the top and decorated with special bows or ribbon.

When you’re done, you should have an amazing and beautiful wine gift basket that is ready to be delivered to the very lucky recipient!

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