How to Properly Open a Bottle of Champagne

How to Properly Open a Bottle of Champagne

Though it may seem like fun to pop the cork off a champagne bottle and let it fly across the room in a celebratory fashion, it is not always the best way to conserve the bubbly.  This flamboyant way of busting open champagne is wasteful and actually reduces the bubbles and carbonation while greatly affecting the flavor.

Instead, here are a few tips to properly open a bottle of champagne for your celebratory event:

* Make sure the bottle has time to rest.  Just like you wouldn’t want to shake up a can of soda before you open it, you wouldn’t want to do the same with a bottle of champagne.  The carbonated pressure inside a bottle of champagne is more than a can of soda, so if the bottle has traveled or recently been handled, let it settle, at best a day if possible.

* Carefully remove the wire cage that is holding down the cork.  If you don’t, may fly out and injure someone.  No, seriously.  Careful with that.

* Never use a corkscrew to open a bottle of champagne.  Due to the pressure of the carbonation, this can result in the cork unexpectedly popping off, and in an undetermined direction.

* Popping out the cork will result in a loud sound and is accompanied with foam.  Maybe this is how you want to do it, but it’s not exactly proper “champagne opening etiquette.”  Instead, it is best to position the bottle at a 45-degree angle and carefully twist the cork out.  Instead of a pop, you will hear a sigh, which eliminates the foaming and loss of bubbly.

* If you encounter a very difficult cork that doesn’t want to come out, it is best to run the top of the bottle under some warm water for a minute or so.  This will help the cork loosen and will make it easier to remove.


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