How to Properly Serve Sparkling Wine At a Party

How to Properly Serve Sparkling Wine At a Party

Serving sparkling wine is a tradition that many families enjoy during special occasions and celebrations. When the family gathers, many may consider breaking out that bottle of sparkling wine they’ve been saving for a happy celebration. However, there’s more to serving wine to your guests than just popping the cork and pouring away. Here are a few tips to help you properly serve sparkling wine at your next get-together or special event.

You don’t want to serve sparkling wine room temperature. Chilling your sparkling wine well in advance is essential for any event. The easiest way to chill a bottle of sparkling wine is by using a bucket of ice and some water, and submerge the wine bottle in the bucket at least thirty minutes before the event. This will ensure that it is the proper temperature for serving to your guests.

Although many think of popping the cork off of the bottle as the “exciting” part of drinking sparkling wine, it is not always the safest. Corks can fly off and break items, or worse yet, pelt one of your party guests. Controlling the cork and opening it slowly can result in a much safer result. Remove the foil, but keep the wire cage on the cork. Place your thumb over the cork to keep it from flying off, and loosen the wire cage by slowly unscrewing it. Twist the cork and bottle in opposite directions in order to ease the cork out and avoid the dangerous “popping” of the cork upon opening.

Make sure that your sparkling wine is properly chilled before serving, and make sure it stays that way even after the first glasses are poured. Pour approximately two inches of wine per guest, and place a stopper over the bottle when done. Placing the wine back into the ice bucket is a great way to keep the remaining wine chilled and ready for refills when the guests are ready.

If you’re serving a large number of guests, be sure to have additional bottles of sparkling wine available once the first bottle is gone. It may be a great idea to have the others chilling while the first bottle is being emptied in order to have another few bottles ready to go once the guests start drinking up. Being a well-prepared host or hostess comes a long way in providing the ultimate in party planning and preparation!

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