How to Serve Wine at the Perfect Temperature

How to Serve Wine at the Perfect Temperature

As easy as it would be to pull a bottle of wine from the cupboard, pop it open, pour, and enjoy, serving the best possible wines requires a little more preparation than that. Amazing wines can lose their flavor and allure if served at the wrong temperature, whether it be too warm or even too cold. Knowing the serving temperatures of wines and champagnes will help you better understand the window in which you will want to present your wines. Additionally, we will also talk about ways to quickly cool down a warm bottle or warm up an overly-chilled wine.

Serving Temperatures

40-50 Degrees
Lighter and drier wines, as well as roses and sparkling wines, benefit most from a temperature between the temps of 40 degrees and 50 degrees. This is because many of these incorporate fruit flavors that are crisp and fresh. Champagnes and other white dessert wines will be best preserved at this temperature as well.

50-60 Degrees
Light red wines and full-bodied whites will be much more refreshing and aromatic if served between 50 and 60 degrees.

60-65 Degrees
For red wines that are full-bodied, and for port wines, they must be a little warmer, between 60 degrees and 65. This helps with any bitterness and can boost the tannins in drinks such as a Cabernet.

Chilling or Warming Wines

If you are not lucky enough to have a temperature controlled cellar or a wine fridge in which you can maintain certain temperatures at all times for easy serving, there are a few ways to address a bottle of wine that has been stored at room temperature.

The best way to chill down a wine is to place it in a container with both ice and cold water. In about ten minutes, a full-bodied red should be down to its desired temp, while it may take up to thirty minutes to chill a light white wine or a bottle of champagne. If you have a wine that is too cold for serving, you will want to help bring the temperature back up. The best way to do this is to pour the wine into a decanter that has recently been rinsed with warm water. To speed up the process, you can also place the decanter into a container with some warm water. If you are unsure as to the temperature of the wine, use an instant read thermometer and determine the goal temperature with the guidelines above.

Serving wine at the proper temperature will help you in getting the most out of your wine experience, and will allow your guests the opportunity to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of each and every drink you serve!


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