How to Set up a Wine Bar for Home and Entertaining

How to Set up a Wine Bar for Home and Entertaining

When it’s time to invite the group over for a little get-together, having a proper wine bar is a great way to get the party started! Though you could easily just bust open a bottle of wine and let your guests have at it from the kitchen counter, there is a much classier way to host a party with a nice wine bar.


A wine bar doesn’t have to be anything too extensive. Or, if you have the space and a little construction ability, you could really go all out with an entire wet bar. A bar area with storage is a good idea to start with, as you would then have a wonderful area to store your wine glasses, extra bottles of wine, and your wine accessories all in one place. If you have electricity near the area, you could even add a wine fridge. A wet bar is great if you can swing it, as this makes clean-up easy and convenient. However, for temporary purposes, a simply constructed cocktail bar will be just fine!


Ice Bucket

Whether you’re pulling some wine from storage or cooling a bottle of wine one of your guests provided, a simple bucket with some cold water and ice will do the trick to quickly chill down some room temperature wine.



A towel is handy to have around for any spills or drips, and is perfect for wiping off water from a bottle of wine that has been chilling in the ice bucket.



It’s a great idea to have some easy finger foods available for your guests to snack on while enjoying some wine. Anything that doesn’t require a plate or makes a mess is a great idea, such as peanuts, olives, chocolates, or cheese. Your guests can mingle by the bar and nibble, or take a few pieces to walk around to chat with friends.


Wine Accessories

Make sure you have your corkscrew ready, or you’re going to have some very disappointed guests!


Wine Glasses

Have a variety of wine glasses for both red and white, or use glasses that can work as both. If you don’t have many glasses and are expecting several guests, there’s nothing wrong with disposable wine glasses available at your local party supply store.



Of course you don’t want to forget the star of the show! It’s a good idea to have both red and white wines available, as many guests may have a preference, and it’s always important to have a few chilled, open, and ready when guests arrive. A good rule of thumb is one bottle per two guests, so make sure you have a few ready and open more as the night goes on.

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