How to Use Leftover Wine

How to Use Leftover Wine

Although the idea of leftover wine may seem absurd to some people (how does that happen?!?!), it is often a reality. On evenings when we open a bottle of sauvignon blanc for dinner, drinking every last drop before bedtime is not always possible. When you’ve got a bottle with perfectly good wine ready to drink but can’t consume it all in one day, there are a few ways to use it up without having to pour it down the drain.

Re-cork and Store
If you’re adamant about drinking the last of it, there are a few ways to attempt to seal up the bottle to keep the wine from oxidizing. Oxidation is what causes wine to lose its flavor over time, and can happen overnight if not properly addressed. Wine drinkers can consider vacuum sealers or special wine stoppers in an attempt to limit the amount of oxygen that affects the wine. Storing the remaining wine in the fridge will also help maintain and prolong the life of both red and white wines. Although the chances of the wine tasting different the day after is highly likely, with proper storage, you can at least keep the wine drinkable and decent for a second offering the next day.

When life gives you leftover wine, make sangria! Sangria is the perfect way to use up leftover wine that may have lost its flavor, but is still perfectly acceptable for sangria. Sangria allows you to mix both red and white wines with a variety of ingredients such as fruits and sugars in order to concoct an entirely different cocktail for the following day. There are enough flavors in the ingredients used for sangria to help disguise any oxidation and flavor changes, while still allowing you to create an alcoholic beverage safe and enjoyable for human consumption!

If you love the flavor of the wine, you can always consider using it while cooking. Cooking wine can reduce down the alcohol and bring forth the flavors, making it a great alternative to wasting perfectly good wine. Wines that do not have enjoyable flavors should not be used for cooking, however, because cooking can intensify the flavor. This is why a bad bottle of wine should be considered more for a sangria than for cooking purposes.

One way of utilizing leftover wine is by freezing it. Cubes can be thawed and then used for cooking, or they can be used in the same wine later on to cool it down. Once it melts in the wine glass, it will blend with the fresh wine without watering it down or affecting the flavor. Many wine connoisseurs would likely not recommend this, but for the every day Joe Schmoe, this is an excellent way to address leftover wine!

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