How are Sparkling Wines Made?

There are two types of wine: base wine—also known as “still wine”—and sparkling wine. Base wine covers the standard process of making wine. It … [Continue Reading]


Appropriate Questions to Ask when Shopping for Wine

At some point in your life, you may have overcome any intimidation and stepped into a specialty wine shop.  With racks and racks of bottles, you may … [Continue Reading]


Phylloxera and their Threat to Vineyards Worldwide

Just like regular farmers in the midlands, vineyards have to deal with pests as well.  One pest that devastated vineyards near the end of the 1800’s … [Continue Reading]

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How to Properly Open a Bottle of Champagne

Though it may seem like fun to pop the cork off a champagne bottle and let it fly across the room in a celebratory fashion, it is not always the best … [Continue Reading]


The Life of a Wine Grape


Tending to a vineyard is a year-round affair. In order to be successful and get the best yield from their grape crops, vineyards typically follow in strict accordance with the life cycle of wine grapes. From winter dormancy to harvesting, the wine grape takes several months to mature and be ready for use in any […]

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Do Grapes and Grape Juice Have the Same Benefits as Wine for Heart Health?


We have all heard that red wine can be beneficial to our health and well-being. This is due to the fact that wines have a number of antioxidants in them. Two commonly found antioxidants in wine are resveratrol and flavonoids. But if wine is made from grapes, then shouldn’t grapes and grape juice be just […]

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Benefits of Red Wine – Must Be Non-Alcoholic for Lowered Blood Pressure Benefits?


A recent study that was published in the Circulation Research journal has reported that it is not just red wine that offers benefits to those with high blood pressure. In fact, non-alcoholic red wine is even better for addressing this cardiovascular risk. The study was done with almost 70 men, and had them cycle through […]

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Wine and the Effects on Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding your child is one of the most natural and loving things a mother can do for her baby. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to the drinking of wine and the continuation of breastfeeding. While alcohol is said to be avoided at all costs during both pregnancy and the […]

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Can I Have Wine While I’m Pregnant?


Being pregnant is a wonderful time in many women’s lives. However, for those who enjoy the occasional wine with dinner, the reservation of avoiding wine for nine months can be disconcerting. Many pregnant women will ask their doctors and physicians if the occasional glass will actually harm their baby. The problem is that there are […]

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Removing Red Wine Stains from Fabrics


Whether you’re home alone and spilled some wine, or a guest at your party dropped a glass on your white carpet, chances are, you need to find a way to get that red wine out of your fabrics. Red wine stains always seem to happen at the worst time, and on the whitest, absorbable materials […]

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How to choose the Wine Club of the Month

When you’re looking for wine club of the month, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. The best club is easy to find just as long as you look in all the right places and know exactly what it is you want. You can have this as a gift to a wine lover or for […]

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Resveratrol in Wine


We have all heard that moderate consumption of red wine can be good for us. This is due to the fact that red wines contain resveratrol, which is said to be a heart healthy antioxidant that can help our bodies fight off various medical conditions and problems. As scientists continue to study resveratrol in wine, […]

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Buying a Wine Refrigerator


Storing wine is more complicated than just setting a few bottles in your cabinet. If you want to have ready-to-drink wine available at just the right temperature, and want to ensure that you are storing them properly for the long-term, wine refrigerators are the best way to do so. Wine refrigerators come in a wide […]

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Cellars Wine Club Review: What Have They Got To Offer?

An excellent club isn’t so easy to find these days. So few of them offer great tasting, rare wines with a wide price range. If you’re a wine connoisseur who wants to be fully updated regarding different types of wines available, read more in this Cellars wine club review. Why is this wine club considered […]

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