Planning a Trip to a Local Wine Festival

Planning a Trip to a Local Wine Festival

Many states have local wine festivals, which are a great way for you to try out “the goods” from various vineyards in the area.  Not everyone is familiar with the local vineyards, and wine festivals are the perfect way to sample the fruits of the region and learn about wineries nearby.

Note: before you even go, make sure to have a designated driver if you plan on sampling the wine.  This is also the sign of a good time in the making…

Wine festivals are typically set up with booths of goods to purchase, vineyard samples, and foods and snacks.  When you arrive at the wine festival, be sure to get a hold of a map of the booths so that you can write down which vineyards were your favorites, plan out your evening, or just know where you’re headed if it’s a rather large festival.


It’s a good idea to peruse over the map to plan out what wines you want to taste.  Perhaps you have heard good things about a particular winery, or maybe you want to just stick with what you know.  However you want to tackle the festival is your choice, but this is the best time to sample wines and experience varieties that you might otherwise not purchase an entire bottle of.  You may find some brand new favorites, and end up heading home with a few bottles of your favorite samples.

Don’t forget to enjoy the foods available as well.  Many of the food booths have amazing flavors and tastes that will pair well with many varieties of wine.  Ask the vendor what wines they would suggest for certain foods and give it a go!

If you have one, bring your wine tasting notebook with.  This is a wonderful way to log several wines down for future reference.  Talk with the vineyard owners at the booths about their wines.  These are the people who put their heart and soul into the wines offered, and can tell you everything there is to know about the wines up for tasting.  Put any notes or tidbits of information they share into your wine tasting notebook, and you can relive fun and friendly conversations just by looking back on your notes at a later date.

Most of all, have a great time at the wine festival!  Many have live shows and bands that go late into the night for an evening full of wining and dining!

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