Red Wine for Weight Loss?

Red Wine for Weight Loss?

Counting calories can get old after a while. Running the treadmill for hours on end just isn’t viable. But drinking a glass of red wine as your new diet drink? Count me in!

For years, it has been a well-known fact that red wine may actually be good for your health, but many of us were not aware that a little daily wine consumption can actually help with preventing unwanted weight gain.

Instead of considering a juicing diet or sucking down several diet colas a day, drinking a single glass of wine a day can actually help keep your weight at a healthier level when combined with an overall healthy diet and exercise. Why is this?

There are several reasons. First off, women actually burn more calories digesting red wine than men, as they need to create more of the enzyme that is needed to metabolize the alcohol. This helps give your metabolism a boost and gets it burning more energy just from a single glass of wine.

Additionally, thermogenesis can help play a part as well. When you drink alcohol, your body temperature will rise, which often warms you up. This is why many individuals may experience red cheeks when they drink, due to the flush of the warmer body temp. In order to create this warmth, your body will need to burn calories.

Based on various studies, it has also been shown that individuals that indulge in a glass of red wine with dinner will often eat less. There’s no specific reasoning behind this–scientifically, anyway–but researchers are led to believe that this occurs due to the wine drinker eating slower and savoring their dinner and drink more. When an individual eats slower, their brain is able to better register the feeling of fullness, and many will end up eating less overall when they eat slow.

Wine also has fewer calories than many other alcohol beverages, which makes it a lower-calorie alternative than several mixed cocktails. Wine is not a drink that many intend to enjoy fast, but rather sip throughout a meal, making it easier to keep a glass of wine going throughout dinner and conversation than a mixed drink.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking an entire bottle of wine here. Research shows that one six ounce glass of red wine a day is sufficient enough to allow women to enjoy this amazing benefit of unexpected weight control!


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