Resveratrol in Wine

Resveratrol in Wine

We have all heard that moderate consumption of red wine can be good for us. This is due to the fact that red wines contain resveratrol, which is said to be a heart healthy antioxidant that can help our bodies fight off various medical conditions and problems. As scientists continue to study resveratrol in wine, they are learning more about the benefits that it can provide.

This particular phytonutrient is found in both foods and plants. It has been discovered in blueberries, red grapes, peanuts, jackfruit, and other berries, and has also been found in non-edible trees and flowers. Since it has been found in red grapes, which make red wine, it is instantly incorporated into red wine and is therefor found extremely beneficial to those who want to seek the health benefits of red wine.

Resveratrol provides a number of benefits, including:

* prevents blood vessel damage

* protects the body from obesity

* reduces the risk of diabetes

* reduces cholesterol

* reduces inflammation

* reduces risk of blood clots

* protects against heart disease

As amazing as resveratrol can be for protecting our body against heart problems, it is not recommended that individuals consume more wine or start drinking alcohol just because of resveratrol. Over-consumption of alcohol has far more negative effects than benefits. However, for those of us who enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner, it will not do more harm than good. Increasing intake is not recommended, but if you’re already enjoying a glass of red wine each day, you can definitely feel better about it! For those of us who do not drink alcohol, resveratrol can also be consumed by eating red grapes. Green grapes do have some resveratrol, but red grapes have a higher concentration.

Improving your body through the use of healthy food and drink can improve your overall health and well-being. If you’ve been enjoying red wine, than resveratrol is a great reason to continue enjoying a six ounce glass with one meal a day!


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