Blind Tastings: A Twist on Traditional Wine Tastings

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It’s always fun to get together with friends and host a wine tasting party.  However, have you ever considered a blind tasting? Blind wine tastings are a fun twist on the traditional wine tasting gathering.  Instead of having a variety of wines to taste and enjoy, different price points and regions of a specific wine […]

Why Do I Get a Headache When I Drink Red Wine?


For some, as much as they enjoy their red wine, they may have a negative experience associated with it: a pounding headache. While some of us can go about our wine-drinking adventures with smooth sailing, others may have a different take on wine.  For those who experience headaches after red wine, they’re not alone.  For […]

What qualifications must a bottle of wine have in order to be labeled “reserve?”


As you’re scouring the racks of wine at the store and trying to decide on the perfect bottle of red for date night, you may notice that several of the more expensive wines are labeled as “reserve” wines. Clearly this affects the price, but what exactly does it mean? When we think of the word […]

How to Serve Wine at the Perfect Temperature


As easy as it would be to pull a bottle of wine from the cupboard, pop it open, pour, and enjoy, serving the best possible wines requires a little more preparation than that. Amazing wines can lose their flavor and allure if served at the wrong temperature, whether it be too warm or even too […]

Suggested Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner


It’s that time of the year again–the time when the weather begins to cool, fall is in the air, as well as the smell of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes from the kitchen! As November rolls through, so does the preparation for Thanksgiving dinner in homes all across America. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner yourself […]

Health Benefits of Red Wine: Antioxidants

Many of us have heard of the fact that red wine has numerous health benefits. Moderate consumption of red wine (such as one six ounce glass of red wine a day) has been shown to: * Improve brain functions and reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia * Increase healthy cells throughout the body […]

Red Wine for Weight Loss?


Counting calories can get old after a while. Running the treadmill for hours on end just isn’t viable. But drinking a glass of red wine as your new diet drink? Count me in! For years, it has been a well-known fact that red wine may actually be good for your health, but many of us […]

Wine Wednesday: What is “Organic Wine?”


These days, we want to put the best of foods into our bodies, and the market for organically-grown foods has flourished. Not only are we wanting better, more natural food for our bodies, but we are also straying from chemically-produced foods as they have been shown to be not only bad for our health, but […]

Wine Wednesday: What Kind of Wine Do I Use for Cooking?


If you’ve ever contemplated sneaking a little wine into your meat sauce or stew, you’re not the only one. However, many people are unsure as to how to cook with wine, and don’t always know which wines to choose for use in their meals. A common question for newbies to wine is, “what kind of […]

Wine Wednesday: How to Properly “Taste” Wine


Perhaps you’ve been invited to a wine tasting. Or maybe you just want to have a better understanding of wine so you can appreciate a vintage bottle more. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to truly “taste” wine, then this article should have you covered with the basics to get you going. Wine encompasses […]