Planning a Trip to a Local Wine Festival


Many states have local wine festivals, which are a great way for you to try out “the goods” from various vineyards in the area.  Not everyone is familiar with the local vineyards, and wine festivals are the perfect way to sample the fruits of the region and learn about wineries nearby. Note: before you even […]

The Life of a Wine Grape


Tending to a vineyard is a year-round affair. In order to be successful and get the best yield from their grape crops, vineyards typically follow in strict accordance with the life cycle of wine grapes. From winter dormancy to harvesting, the wine grape takes several months to mature and be ready for use in any […]

Wine Wednesday: What is “Organic Wine?”


These days, we want to put the best of foods into our bodies, and the market for organically-grown foods has flourished. Not only are we wanting better, more natural food for our bodies, but we are also straying from chemically-produced foods as they have been shown to be not only bad for our health, but […]