What is Cork Taint?

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Cork taint is an issue that can occur with even the finest wines. You may have gotten a bottle of wine and uncorked it only to notice a musty smell. What is this smell and why is it there? Wines such as this, with an unusual “damp” smell, are often called “corky,” or wine that […]

Is Wine and Other Alcohol Acceptable to Drink on a Gluten-Free Diet?


It’s the new year, and many of us are looking to transform our lives. Whether it is to eat healthier or exercise more (or a combination of both), we may find ourselves in uncharted territory when it comes to nutrition and exercise. One common diet that many people follow is a gluten-free diet. Gluten can […]

How to Serve Wine at the Perfect Temperature


As easy as it would be to pull a bottle of wine from the cupboard, pop it open, pour, and enjoy, serving the best possible wines requires a little more preparation than that. Amazing wines can lose their flavor and allure if served at the wrong temperature, whether it be too warm or even too […]

Cork Versus Screw: Which Wine Closure is Better?


There are two main ways to close up a bottle of wine: with a cork or with a screw. Though the corking of wine bottles has been done for centuries, it is not necessarily the best way to close up a bottle of wine. And many people think that screw caps are just for cheap […]

What Do I Need to Make Homemade Wine?


If you drink plenty of wine, you may have considered the idea of making your own. Many people enjoy the process and the rewards of wine-making in the comfort of their own home. They enjoy the ability to have some control over the process, as well as some control over the fruits and flavors that […]

How to Set up a Wine Bar for Home and Entertaining


When it’s time to invite the group over for a little get-together, having a proper wine bar is a great way to get the party started! Though you could easily just bust open a bottle of wine and let your guests have at it from the kitchen counter, there is a much classier way to […]

Wine Etiquette: Bringing Your Own Wine to a Restaurant


While it is not often a known practice, in some states in the US, you are actually allowed to bring your own wine to a restaurant. Whether you have a special wine you want to enjoy, or have a bottle from a special occasion, many states such as California and New York will allow you […]

How Many Calories are in a Glass of White Wine?


For those of us who are watching our waistlines, we may be paying very close attention to calorie counts as well. We all know that most cocktails can be calorie-laden; however, wines are typically light on the calories but big on flavor. The added benefit? Most of us wouldn’t go chugging a glass of wine, […]

Wine Wednesday: What is “Organic Wine?”


These days, we want to put the best of foods into our bodies, and the market for organically-grown foods has flourished. Not only are we wanting better, more natural food for our bodies, but we are also straying from chemically-produced foods as they have been shown to be not only bad for our health, but […]

Wine Wednesday: Why Should You Aerate Your Wine?


It is said that to get the proper flavor from your wine, you should let it aerate. This falls under the same lines as someone saying you need to let your wine “breathe.” Aerating your wine essentially allows the wine itself to infuse itself with oxygen in order to let the wine’s flavors and aromas […]