Virgin Wine Club Wine Review

Virgin Wine Club Wine Review

Do you ever find yourself going for the same old bottle of wine at the store when preparing for dinner guests? Do you ever notice that you tend to order the same go-to wines when you sit down at your local restaurant? Is it time to mix it up a little?

The Virgin Wine Club is the best way to do this, hands down. Maybe you wouldn’t consider yourself a novice, but perhaps you have found that you want to broaden your horizons and try new wines. If you’re not around an area that offers frequent wine tastings, or if you refused to drop $20 on a bottle of wine you might absolutely hate, we feel your pain.

A quarterly wine club such as the Virgin Wine Club is perfect–it allows you to try 12 bottles of wine every three months at the low price of about $5.84 a bottle–that’s a great, affordable way to try wines from any and all regions of the world, without the expensive risk of taking a stab at a random bottle from the wine aisle at the store.

With the introductory price so amazing, what do you have to lose? There is no annual membership fee, no commitment to continue receiving wines if you’re not up for it. Whenever you want to cancel, you can. It’s entirely up to you how involved you want to be in the Virgin Wine Club. No strings attached. No joke.

And the best part? Free stuff! When you sign up for the Virgin Wine Club, you will not only get a free set of tasting notes with each case of wine to help compare the wines in your shipped selection, but you will also enjoy a free electric corkscrew to help quickly get to the best part–trying out your new wines!

No matter whether you’re a fan of red wine or white wine, you can select the kind of case that you want, either on the first day or in-between shippings. You can select from an all-red wine case, an all-white wine case or a mixed case of both, in the event you just can’t decide.

You may be somewhat familiar with the Virgin brand. From media to transportation, they have made a name for themselves in a number of different markets and industries, and the same is true for wines. This company will not let you down on the expert selection of wines available for you to try on your own. This company has a great history, and their wine club reflects their gusto for satisfying their customers and leaving them happy!

So stop sticking with the same ol’, same ol’. Branch out, try something new, and don’t break the bank doing it, either. The Virgin Wine Club is an exciting way to scope out new wines from up-and-coming vineyards, perfect for finding out what is out there that you might thoroughly enjoy, outside of your comfortable favorite stand-bys.

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