Wall Street Journal Wine Review

Wall Street Journal Wine Review

When it is time to fill up that wine cellar with a wide selection of quality goods, there’s no better company to trust than the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal Wine Club is a quarterly wine club that will ship you a case of specially selected wines every three months for your enjoyment. Twelve wines, either all reds or white (or their “discovery” case of both) will be sent to your door every three months for you to try out and enjoy on your own.

If you find yourself stocking your wine rack with the same ol’ favorites, it’s time to try something new. The Wall Street Journal Wine Club will send you twelve high quality wines from around the world, both international and regional wine favorites. Not only is a great way to stock up a nice variety of wines in your home, but it can help you branch out and try something new that perhaps you wouldn’t have tried on your own. With the introductory price of less than six dollars a bottle, you can’t go wrong letting the Wall Street Journal pick your wines for you!

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club is a great way to keep a nice selection stored on your wine rack. You will always be ready for an impromptu get-together with friends or family when you’re a part of the Wall Street Journal Wine Club.

When you sign up for the Wall Street Journal Wine Club, you will get a few freebies as well, including a gorgeous wine opener in a nice wooden case, with corkscrew, stopper, and foil cutter, along with a wine tasting note binder to store the tasting notes from each case in for future reference. Use the tasting notes to educate yourself about the tastes and smells from each wine, and help you keep track of what you thoroughly enjoyed and what you didn’t quite care for. The value of the freebies themselves equal out to just shy of your first introductory case of wine, so what do you have to lose?

Why wait? Sign up today for the Wall Street Journal Wine Club to get an amazing selection of wines to your door, without the hassle of stopping by the store to pick up your typical stand-bys to fill your wine cellar. Let Wall Street Journal Wine Club do the hard work for you, and enjoy the wines on your own time with friends, family, or all by yourself!

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