What Do I Need to Make Homemade Wine?

What Do I Need to Make Homemade Wine?

If you drink plenty of wine, you may have considered the idea of making your own. Many people enjoy the process and the rewards of wine-making in the comfort of their own home. They enjoy the ability to have some control over the process, as well as some control over the fruits and flavors that are incorporated into their own unique wine.

Learning how to make wine can be an extensive process, but with just a few of the essentials, most anyone can get started with their own home wine brewery. Here are some of the absolute essentials to get you started. Remember there are other extras that you can get, but with these four items, you can get a jump start on making your own wines!

* Demijohn

A demijohn is used for the storing of the wine. It can be made of either plastic and glass, and can run somewhere in the area of $5-$15. A siphon can be used to transfer the fermented wine to this container, or to use as a way to get the wine into a wine bottle.

* Fermenting Vessel

Made of plastic, the fermenting vessel is where “the magic happens.” This is closed up to allow the wine to ferment, and this process should be done for about nine months to a year for the best tasting wines. These can vary in price depending on the size, but typically run in the price point of about $20 on average.

* Airlock and Bung

These are very inexpensive, and are used to help trap the juices to allow the fermentation to happen. This is required to keep the air out of the container and really let the fermenting process go to town.

* Siphon Tube

Siphon tubes are used to siphon out the fermented wine into another container. They are very inexpensive and easy to find.

These are the four main equipment items that you will want to get. Of course, as this becomes less of a hobby and more of an obsession, you will likely find ways to fine-tune your wine, improve it, and help make the overall process easier to accomplish.

Once you’ve made your own wine, you will be excited to continue making your own special concoction to share with friends and family!


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