What is Vegan Wine?

What is Vegan Wine?

While one may automatically think that all wine is vegan due to the fact that they are made from grapes, the truth is, there’s more to it than just the ingredients.

During the processing of wine, there are a number of animal-derived ingredients used for the fermentation and filtration parts of the wine-making process. While these are eventually filtered out of the end-product, they are still used for the creation of many wines and so are deemed unsuitable for vegans to consume.

Some of these common animal ingredients used during the wine-making process include isinglass (made from sturgeon fish bladders), gelatine (from cows and pigs), eggs whites, and proteins from milk called caseins. All of these are additives that are used during the wine-making process that can cause a vegan to be unable to drink these particular wines.

Vegan wines are made without these animal bi-products. Instead of these animal additives, vegan wines are made with minerals for fining such as bentonite or kaolin. When these are used, the wines are then considered suitable for consumption be those who practice vegan diets. These wines are made from the same grapes as other wines, but are just processed differently in order for vegans to be able to enjoy them.

In addition to vegan wines, which come in both reds and whites, vegans can also enjoy vegan champagnes and vegan sparkling wines as well. It is important to read the labels in order to ensure that you are buying and consuming a true vegan wine. Many that are made with vegans in mind are marked accordingly to help with the buying process.

Vegan wines can be found anywhere that traditional wines and alcoholic beverages are sold. Liquor stores and standard supermarkets may offer vegan wines for their shoppers. They can also be purchased online and shipped to your home if you are looking for a more thorough selection to choose from.

Next time you are considering a nice glass of wine, it is important to make sure that it melds well with your current diet. Vegans can enjoy a nice red or white wine as long as they make sure that the wine they purchase was made with special care to avoid animal bi-products during production.

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