Wine Wednesday: Why Should You Aerate Your Wine?

Wine Wednesday: Why Should You Aerate Your Wine?

It is said that to get the proper flavor from your wine, you should let it aerate. This falls under the same lines as someone saying you need to let your wine “breathe.” Aerating your wine essentially allows the wine itself to infuse itself with oxygen in order to let the wine’s flavors and aromas release. Sure, we’d all love to pour and drink, but if you want to get the most from your wine, aerating is key.

The idea of aerating your wine may seem like a long-winded process, and you may picture yourself popping off the cork of your wine bottle and letting it sit for an hour before you get the chance to even enjoy your first sip. However, aerating can be done immediately out of the bottle, or can be done within twenty minutes or so from uncorking. There are a few different ways that you can aerate your wine, letting it breathe and bringing out the amazing flavors of that new red wine or chardonnay you’ve been dying to share with friends over dinner!

Wine Glass

Aerating your wine may be as simple as just pouring it into your wine glass and letting it rest for ten to fifteen minutes before you enjoy. You cannot effectively aerate your wine in the bottle by just removing the cork and letting it sit because of the minimal surface area. But by pouring the wine into a wine glass, you are not only letting it aerate during the physical act of pouring it, but then by letting it rest, you are giving it the chance to rest and breathe before enjoying. Pour your wine in the dining room before you start prepping dessert for your guests, and it’ll be ready to go!


In movies, you may have seen the Hollywood elite pouring wine into glasses from a large glass decanter. While this may seem like an unnecessary way to serve when pouring from the bottle seems just as effective (and results in one less dish to clean…), there is good reason for transferring wine from the bottle and to a decanter. Similar to pouring into a glass, a decanter typically has a wider opening which allows for more air to come in. Hence, better aeration.

Aerating Device

If you’re a true wino, you’ll appreciate the speediness of an effective aerating device. An aerating device, which you can purchase locally or online, can help your wine breathe as you pour, and allows you the opportunity to enjoy your glass of wine sooner, with much less downtime beforehand.


If you’re not a big fan of unitaskers (Alton Brown reference, for you foodies out there), then you’ll love the idea of using a milk frother to help speed along the process of aerating your wine. A milk frother can be dipped into your glass of wine and run for a few seconds to help spin the wine around in the glass and let in some good ol’ oxygenation. Your wine may be a little bubbly, but give it a second to settle in and it’ll be ready to go in no time at all!

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