Wine Club: For lovers of Wine

Wine Club: For lovers of Wine

A wine club is the modern times’ wine culture development extension and they are designed to provide the customers with a chain of wine bottles quarterly or every month; otherwise, they have to purchase or buy their own. A wine club behaves in themed manners and provides their recipients with white wine, red wine and sometimes even a mixture of two. Specialty wine shops or vineyards usually offer such clubs but they also can be found in independent bodies. In recent years, clubs have been growing because of the increasing interest with wines as well as greater wine consumption and in fact, according to the figures of the wine institute; in the year 2004, the sales of wine within the United States has gone up by four percent.

You don’t have to be a wine afficionado to be in a wine club. There is a number of clubs that take in both experts and newbies under their wing. The great thing about being a club is that they make sure to give you information, not only with different wines in the market but they also give information about topics that is wine related; for example they give you advice about what kind of wine goes well with what type of entrée and also give a heads up with the wine industry’s latest news.


Wine Club Membership and Perks

A wine club would often offer membership programs as for the fee that needs to be paid; the interested member will receive wine selections given by vineyards that meet the club’s standards. A club often would give you their own handpicked selections of wines, but you are also given the chance to create your own selections. Also in addition to this, clubs would offer you two bottles of wine to members every other month; they can be white, red or one of each type of wine.

With the wine that you receive from a wine club, you will also have pertinent information about it like the winery that it came from, publicity it might have, awards possibly given or even the accolades that the vintner might have accorded to the wine as well as a description of the grapes conditions used for the wine.

Club membership offers a few other perks like the ability to purchase wines with discounted prices for those who are under premium membership. Sometimes the wine club has a program known as ‘wine of the month’ where you are assured that the realization for saving up from purchasing wine will dawn on you. This is the chance for you to appreciate the club and what they do for you as a member of the family! Being in such clubs is a good investment for lovers of wine, most especially if you’re a regular drinker of wine. It is a known fact that drinking wine is good for the health, so not only do you have to savor the sweet taste of wine, you also have health benefits while you drink. This is one of the reasons as to why the number of wine consumers has skyrocketed. Clubs also give gift membership programs where you can gift anyone who loves wine or wine with a meal.

A number of wine stores and retailers have made their very own clubs where you can join in for free; some of them offer an open-ended program which means that you can always cancel your membership with the clubs anytime you wish to do so. When choosing a wine club, you have to base your choices on a few factors. First, you need to know if the rate of the services they offer is worth what they charge you. You also would want to know if the club has expert credentials; if they do or don’t have a wine expert who gives you the right kind of wine recommendations. Do they have activities for their members; something like visits to vineyards or maybe even wine testing? Make sure to evaluate the factors mentioned, there are plenty more, before you make your choice in joining a wine club.


Where and How to choose Wine Clubs

If you’re interested in joining in a wine club, there are hundreds to be found online. Websites that give you the needed information about clubs as well as more detailed information about what you can get for you money. You can also read wine club reviews if you’re skeptical about joining. But reading reviews, you will know wither or not you should or shouldn’t join the reviewed club.

A lot of people enjoy the advantages when they decide to join clubs, all the better they have international coverage. A wine club that features wine being made in the most popular winery of the world would be something that most members look forward to.


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