Wine Etiquette: How to Properly Pour a Glass of Wine

Wine Etiquette: How to Properly Pour a Glass of Wine

When serving a bottle of wine for a large group, it is important to take into consideration wine etiquette.  There is a certain way for wine to be presented, opened, and poured when you are a wine host or sommelier.  If you want to become a sommelier or are interested in learning how to properly host a dinner with friends, here is a good break-down of the proper wine-pouring etiquette that should be followed.


First, make sure that the proper glasses are being used for the wine that is being served.  Red wine glasses are typically more round, while white glasses should be taller and narrower.  If you are serving a sparkling wine or a champagne, you will want to stick with fluted glasses, which are narrow and tall.


The wine should be presented to the person at the table that ordered the wine.  The label should be turned facing the individual so that they can verify that it is the wine they ordered and is approved.  Then, the cork is removed with a corkscrew and the cork should be left by the individual’s right hand.  This gives them the opportunity to inspect the cork for cork taint, if they so desire.


Then, the individual who ordered the wine should be served with an ounce of wine in their glass to allow for them to taste and approve.  Once this has occurred, you can then start pouring the glasses for the rest of the table.  Proper etiquette recommends pouring for the women first, and starting with the eldest woman at the table and filling clockwise.  Then the men are served and the individual who ordered the wine would be serviced last.


The glasses should be poured approximately halfway, and then the bottle should be twisted when finished to avoid wine dripping on the table.  Red and white wines should be poured into the center of the glass, while sparkling wines and champagne should be served into a tilted glass to keep the bubbles intact.

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