Wine Wednesday: How to Properly “Taste” Wine

Wine Wednesday: How to Properly “Taste” Wine

Perhaps you’ve been invited to a wine tasting. Or maybe you just want to have a better understanding of wine so you can appreciate a vintage bottle more. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to truly “taste” wine, then this article should have you covered with the basics to get you going. Wine encompasses more than just one of our human senses, and by taking note of all aspects of your next glass of wine, you will slowly begin to have a better sense of appreciation for not only a high-end wine, but for the winemakers themselves!

First, you’ll want to look at the wine. Most wine glasses will be clear and free from designs such as etching to distract from the visual appeal of the poured wine. The color and the clarity of the wine should be observed. Tilt the glass towards a light and make note of the true color. Reds can be anywhere from a deep ruby color to a lighter brown appearance, while white can vary from clear to a light green or brown. Give the glass a little swirl and check for sediment and opacity.

Next, gather up the power of smell! Make sure the wine is well-aerated, and help it along by swirling the wine in the glass for several seconds to help open up the flavors. Give a quick sniff before you put your nose deeper into the glass and inhale. Your first sniff–and second sniff–may give two totally different impressions.

Now, what have you been waiting for? Take a taste. But don’t slam it back like a beer! You’ll want to take a sip and let the wine settle in your mouth with the flavors. You will experience three series to the taste. The first taste will be the first impression of the wine on your palate. As the wine lingers, you will taste the more fruity or woody flavors of the wine. After you swallow the sip, you will experience what they call the finish of a wine. This is essentially the “aftertaste.” Sometimes the flavor lingers, while other times it is relatively short-lived.

Many individuals that enjoy tasting wines will often take notes in a notebook in order to document their wine tastings. It will often allow them to go back and determine which wines were their favorites, and what kinds of wines they are attracted to. By documenting the flavors and observations, as well as your overall impression of the wine, you will over time notice a trend in what you really enjoy in either a red or white wine.

Wine tasting is typically enjoyed with several wines, and several friends, in order to embody the whole experience of sharing wine with others and enjoying great conversation, too. It is sometimes part of the entire atmosphere and environment that makes wine tastings so enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for? Head out and pick up a varied selection of white and red wines, gather up some friends, and have yourself an impromptu wine tasting!


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