What do you think of plastic wine bottles? Yay or nay?


These days, environmental issues are becoming more and more important. The idea of global warming is becoming a reality, and companies are looking for more ways to “go green” to help aide in protecting the environment for future generations. While many wine drinkers may not exactly spend each and every day thinking about the environment, […]

Cork Versus Screw: Which Wine Closure is Better?


There are two main ways to close up a bottle of wine: with a cork or with a screw. Though the corking of wine bottles has been done for centuries, it is not necessarily the best way to close up a bottle of wine. And many people think that screw caps are just for cheap […]

The Life of a Wine Grape


Tending to a vineyard is a year-round affair. In order to be successful and get the best yield from their grape crops, vineyards typically follow in strict accordance with the life cycle of wine grapes. From winter dormancy to harvesting, the wine grape takes several months to mature and be ready for use in any […]

Can I Have Wine While I’m Pregnant?


Being pregnant is a wonderful time in many women’s lives. However, for those who enjoy the occasional wine with dinner, the reservation of avoiding wine for nine months can be disconcerting. Many pregnant women will ask their doctors and physicians if the occasional glass will actually harm their baby. The problem is that there are […]

How to choose the Wine Club of the Month

When you’re looking for wine club of the month, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. The best club is easy to find just as long as you look in all the right places and know exactly what it is you want. You can have this as a gift to a wine lover or for […]

Cellars Wine Club Review: What Have They Got To Offer?

An excellent club isn’t so easy to find these days. So few of them offer great tasting, rare wines with a wide price range. If you’re a wine connoisseur who wants to be fully updated regarding different types of wines available, read more in this Cellars wine club review. Why is this wine club considered […]

Wine Etiquette: Bringing Your Own Wine to a Restaurant


While it is not often a known practice, in some states in the US, you are actually allowed to bring your own wine to a restaurant. Whether you have a special wine you want to enjoy, or have a bottle from a special occasion, many states such as California and New York will allow you […]

Wine Club: For lovers of Wine


A wine club is the modern times’ wine culture development extension and they are designed to provide the customers with a chain of wine bottles quarterly or every month; otherwise, they have to purchase or buy their own. A wine club behaves in themed manners and provides their recipients with white wine, red wine and […]

Wine Wednesday: How to Choose Wine Glasses


If you’ve ever wandered down the aisles of a store and noticed an entire section of wine glasses, then you may understand the confusion–and sometimes anxiety–that comes with buying them. There are so many shapes available, you may be wondering which one is best. And if you’re serving a fancy dinner for friends or family, […]

Wine Wednesday: How to Properly “Taste” Wine


Perhaps you’ve been invited to a wine tasting. Or maybe you just want to have a better understanding of wine so you can appreciate a vintage bottle more. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to truly “taste” wine, then this article should have you covered with the basics to get you going. Wine encompasses […]