Zagat Wine Review

Zagat Wine Review

Are you what you consider a “wine novice?” Are you looking to step into the world of wine, but too afraid of the intimidating feelings you get when you walk into your local wine store? No worries. There’s a place where you and your friends can enjoy some fine wines and learn about that tastes and aromas from each, without feeling like a failed wine connoisseur–your own home!

Welcome to the world of wine clubs! Wine clubs, such as the Zagat Wine Club, are a great way to learn about wines, share a bottle with some friends, and take a nice, relaxing approach to enjoying a bottle of pinot grigio or chardonnay without the pressure of snobbish wine gurus filing you in on their own two cents.

The best way to enjoy Zagat Wine Club is by making it a regular get-together with wine novice friends. Every three months, you will be shipped a case of either all white wines, all red wine, or a classic mixture of both, whichever you prefer to receive. Each quarter, this case will be shipped to your home for you to enjoy by yourself, with friends, or with family. What a perfect way to get friends together on a regular basis–have a dinner party, enjoy some wine, and have a great time!

What’s great is that you have complete control over your membership with the Zagat Wine Club. There is no membership fee, you can cancel at any time, and if you are ever unhappy with the wines that you receive, let them know and they will make it right, even if it means a complete refund.  You can also decide the kinds of wines that you want to receive–if you want just white wines, you can do that, or you can enjoy all reds, whichever your preference. Also, before each shipment goes out, you will be notified so you have the chance to decline or delay the shipment, no questions asked. What other membership allows this much leeway and control over our orders?

The best part of the Zagat Wine Club is the introductory freebies that you can receive when you first sign up for the club. Not only do you receive a nice binder to keep the tasting notes of each wine you receive in, you also get a gorgeous set of 4 wine glasses made from master glass maker Luigi Bormioli. These glasses are perfect for both red and white wines, and are perfect top bust out for your dinner guests in order to enjoy the new wines you receive from the Zagat Wine Club each quarter.

Joining the Zagat Wine Club is a great way to enjoy wines that you may have not tried on your own. Sharing the wine with friends and family is a great way to talk about the tastes and aromas that you each enjoy from the wines, and is the perfect reason to get everyone together for a dinner party or game night together.

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